Whats Injectable Filler

Injectable fillers, also known as dermal fillers, can help replace lost volume in the face. It smooths the wrinkles and plumps the lips.

Whats Injectable Filler
Visible signs of aging start to show up in the face and are primarily caused by volume loss. The facial tissues start to thin out, making lines etched on the face, especially around the mouth, nose, and cheeks. Injectable fillers, also known as dermal fillers, can help replace lost volume in the face. It smooths the wrinkles and plumps the lips.  Over 3 million Americans resort to injectable fillers every year. That’s how common and popular injectable fillers are. In the United States, many medical spas offer injectable fillers and one of them is Flawless Faces. It offers all types of injectable fillers to people in Arizona and nearby areas. 

What are injectable fillers?

Injectable fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin and their purpose is to smooth lines, restore lost skin volume, enhance facial contours and soften creases. It is widely popular not only in the United States but in other parts of the world, especially in countries where cosmetic procedures are common. Many people choose injectable fillers over other cosmetic procedures because they are non-invasive and there is no downtime. 

What can injectable fillers do for you?

Injectable fillers are also referred to as "wrinkle fillers" because they can smooth out wrinkles, but their function goes beyond just addressing wrinkles and fine lines. They can do the following:

•    Smooth out creases on the chin

•    Enhances and plumps the lips

•    Diminishes vertical lip lines

•    Improves facial symmetry 

•    Smooths out fine lines around the mouth and nose 

•    Restores volume to sunken temples and c

•    Significantly improves acne scars 

Which filler do I need?

A quick search online will give you a vast array of options for fillers, which makes choosing a tedious process. What you do need to remember is that each product is uniquely formulated, especially in terms of density, texture, and injection depth. In other words, every type of filler works differently on certain areas of the body. Talk to your provider about available filler options and which one works best for you. 

Who can have injectable fillers?

Although injectable fillers are generally safe, they are not for everyone. You are a good candidate for injectable fillers if you are:

•    In good health; does not have active disease.

•    You do not have pre-existing medical conditions

Who can’t have injectable fillers?

An injectable filler is not good for you if you are:

• A smoker or someone who has recently quit smoking, being exposed to second-hand smoke reduces the flow of blood to the tissues, causing wound healing to take longer and increasing the possibility of complications.

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What should you keep in mind? 

• If you want injectable fillers, make sure they are performed by a licensed health care provider with extensive experience in dermatology and cosmetic procedures.

•    Choose a medical spa with an excellent reputation for performing injectable filler procedures.

• Do not attempt to buy injectable fillers online and inject them yourself, especially if you lack medical training and experience.

• Do not be afraid to ask your dermatologist or medical spa personnel questions. They can provide all the necessary information for you to keep you well-informed about the procedure and ease whatever feelings of anxiety or hesitation you may have. 

An injectable filler is a big help in concealing visible signs of aging as it is effective and creates an instant result. However, it is not a lifetime fix. Eventually, the filler is absorbed by the body in a matter of months to years, depending on the type of filler and treatment area. Hence, you need to have a filler injected once more. It all depends on the appreciation and assessment of your doctor. That is why it is important to choose the best cosmetic doctor and the best medical spa in your area. Flawless Faces is one of the names you can trust when it comes to injectable fillers. The owner Ali Garzuzi is a licensed cosmetic nurse injector with over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. 

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